Autumn sale! Dash – Trail – Security – Body Cameras!

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Rexing Autumn Sale

This sale ends today! Save an additional 10% on Rexing’s state of the art featured Dash Cams and trail cams! Just use the COUPON CODE: REXING2021 at checkout! Just click this link to save some more! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

30% off!

These dash cams ….! This is a deal you can’t ignore! Dash cams have been playing an important role in people’s life. They record video and photos which can be strong proof when you are involved in an accident.Rexing is one of the top dash cam sellers in the North America Market Just click here!Continue reading “30% off!”

FM Transmitter

I know most of the newer cars have a lot of these features. But if you are like me, you are driving something pre-2010, and before all these nifty gadgets were coming standard in the cars. Frankly, I am just happy to have cruise control! So this is something I can really get behind. itContinue reading “FM Transmitter”

Baby Monitor

These have become very state of the art – and have come a long way from the ones I remember! This one seems to do just about everything! Check it out: REXING BM1 Baby Monitor $199.99 REXING BM1 Baby Monitor w/ Recording Capabilities 4.5” IPS Display | 720p Video/Audio | Two-Way Talking | Microphone/Speaker |Continue reading “Baby Monitor”