Jojoba Glow Face Oil

It’s back! My favorite ANTI-AGING FACE OIL from my favorite cosmetic company – Ogee! A biocompatible, antioxidant-rich face oil that restores optimal hydration, balances oil production, and reinvigorates skin to prevent signs of aging. Enriched with a skin-enhancing signature blend of essential oils. Use AM & PM following the Luminous Botanical Face Mist and Seeds of Youth Serum.Continue reading “Jojoba Glow Face Oil”

Ogee Cosmetics!

My favorite cosmetic company just keeps getting better! All organic, vegan friendly. And use the link below for 10% off! OGEEORGANICS10 for 10%   Check out all of their fabulous products and bundles here! Just click here to shop and purchase! OGEEORGANICS10 for 10% Don’t forget to like and subscribe! OGEEORGANICS10 for 10%

Ogee Luxury Organics

Ogee is by far my favorite cosmetic company. Organic, and gluten free! They make the very best cosmetics on the market! All of their products have solid 5 star customer reviews. And in this day and age, that is a major accomplishment! And so much more to choose from! Just click here to take advantageContinue reading “Ogee Luxury Organics”

Sunkissed Set

This is new, from my favorite organic cosmetic company, Ogee Luxary Organics If you want the best, you won’t find it at Walmart! And this is the best! Sunkissed Set SEEDS OF YOUTH SERUM, VELVET BOTANICAL MOISTURIZER, SCULPTED FACE STICK (CARNELIAN) & TINTED SCULPTED LIP OIL (NOLANA) $198.00 $264.00 You save 25% when purchasing asContinue reading “Sunkissed Set”