Velvet Botanical Moisturizer

I absolutely love Ogee Luxary Organics! Am I am not alone! This is an great new product with a solid 5 star customer review! A weightless, whipped Jojoba Oil cream rich in ultra-hydrating micro Hyaluronic Acid and sugar-cane derived Squalane to reduce visible signs of aging, increase skin elasticity, and revitalize complexion. Infused with super-powerContinue reading “Velvet Botanical Moisturizer”

Nourishing Trio

LUMINOUS BOTANICAL FACE MIST, JOJOBA GLOW FACE OIL, AND SCULPTED LIP OIL (CLEAR) $116.00$165.00You Save 29% when purchasing as a set! I cannot say enough about how great these products by Ogee are! But don’t believe me, believe the 5 star customer ratings they have on all of their products! Treat skin to our heroContinue reading “Nourishing Trio”

Tinted Lip Sets (8pc)

CONDITIONING LIP COLOR (SET OF 8) It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Ogee Luxury Organics! And this is another example of their excellent products! A silky, solid blend of organic cold-pressed Jojoba Oil and Butters that melt instantly onto lips to moisturize and nourish, with a conditioning layer of beauty-enhancing, buildableContinue reading “Tinted Lip Sets (8pc)”