Keto Desserts

Chipmonk Cookies uses the Monk Fruit that I have been telling you about! If you have not seen it, look at my post on Monk Fruit for more info on this great natural sweetener! Then order yourself some of these delicious cookies! Just click here to shop and purchase! Don’t forget to like andContinue reading “Keto Desserts”

Keto and Bread???

How does this work? Does it work? I crave a lot of pizza, so this is an important topic for me! This is a pretty informative piece on bread……and Keto! Not sure if it explains my addiction to pizza – but it might answer some questions! Click here to read about Keto and bread: reading “Keto and Bread???”

Does Keto really work?

It is that time of year to think about beaches, pools, and swimsuits. YUK! I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time keeping the extra pounds off all year long. And as I’ve gotten older, it has just gotten harder to maintain my ideal weight. Truth is, it hasn’t been maintainedContinue reading “Does Keto really work?”