Keto Breakfast Bundle!

Don’t start your day with a sugar crash! Rise and shine with ChipMonk’s Keto Breakfast Bundle: An energizing assortment of delicious keto cookies that will have you feeling satisfied and ready to roll! These are the absolute best tasting Keto cookies on the market! And it is all because of the secret ingredient – MonkContinue reading “Keto Breakfast Bundle!”

The Healthy Keto Plan

Dr. Berg is back with a practical approach to Keto diets! This is a 5 star customer rated book that will help you make the changes in your diet that will produce the best results! You can’t go wrong with Dr. Berg! The Healthy Keto Plan written by Eric Berg Improved version of his bestsellingContinue reading “The Healthy Keto Plan”

Keto Cookie Bundles

Chipmonk is a truly yummy cookie, sweetened with the rare Monk Fruit! There is no sugar! For more information on Monk Fruit – just read my post about it! Collection: Bundles Bundle up your favorite ChipMonk desserts to unlock our best deals and savings! SOFT BAKED. MONK FRUIT SWEETENED.  Bundle together your favorite 3 cookie flavorsContinue reading “Keto Cookie Bundles”

Keto Cookie Mix

Unleash your inner baker!  Amaze your friends, delight co-workers, and (finally) impress your relatives.  Each bag of mix makes 20 medium-sized keto cookies.Easy prep, bakes in 10-15 minutes. Just add butter, egg, and extract (varies by dry mix flavor) Comes is four great flavors Chocolate, Cinnamon Snickerdoodle, Lemon Poppyseed, and Chocolate Espresso INGREDIENTS: Almond Flour,Continue reading “Keto Cookie Mix”

Keto Breakfast Bundle

I know I should just eat my oatmeal in the morning……but sometimes (most of the time) I am running late and grab whatever is handy to munch on while I drive. My choices have gotten healthier! What is Monk fruit? Monk Fruit is a sweetener that is made from extract derived from dried fruit. TheContinue reading “Keto Breakfast Bundle”

Keto Cookies!

Snacks – Snacks – Snacks! That is what I am about! And Healthy Keto snacks are the best! And Chipmonk Baking has the best Keto snacks on the market! But what is Monk Fruit? It is a fruit from Southern China, that was harvested by the Monks. It is 150 to 250 times sweeter thanContinue reading “Keto Cookies!”

Keto Sweetener!

What is Monk Fruit, and why is it better than all the other sugars and sweeteners? Monk Fruit is safe for people with Diabetes! Monk Fruit has no calories or carbs! Monk Fruit is 150 to 250 times sweeter than sugar! It is thought to have anti inflammatory properties, and has been used for centuriesContinue reading “Keto Sweetener!”

Keto Cookie Bites

Snacks that you can eat without guilt! I am a huge fan of both Birthday cake Ice Cream and Cookies. But I am NOT a fan of all that sugar! But here is where I can say goodbye sugar, Hello Birthday Cake Cookie goodness! ChipMonk Keto Cookie Bites LOW CARB  COOKIES  |    KETO   Continue reading “Keto Cookie Bites”

Keto Dessert Bundles!

This is the best way to enjoy these absolutely delicious cookies! To find out more about Monk Fruit, just click on my post titled Monk Fruit! It will give you some history and benefits of this amazing fruit used as a sweetener! ( Bundle up your favorite ChipMonk desserts to unlock our best deals andContinue reading “Keto Dessert Bundles!”

Keto Cookie Mix

COOKIES! Yes, you can make these at home! Why wait for the cookie delivery truck, when you can bake them whenever you have the urge! I love to bake. I really love to bake cookies! But lately I have not been baking because I am fighting unwanted weight gain from all the sugar in cookies.Continue reading “Keto Cookie Mix”