Carnivore Diet

I am not sure where this falls between Keto and Paleo. But the basics sure do make sense! And it may not be a way of life, but it just might make sense for a month or two to get your weight and life under control. Here are some of the plus factors: Why CarnivoreContinue reading “Carnivore Diet”

Health – Beauty – Fitness – all in one!

This online store covers all the bases when it comes to what is important to me! This online store carries Beauty, Wellness, Nutrition, everything I need to stay as healthy as I can be! I am sure once you look at what they have to offer you will be just as excited as I am!Continue reading “Health – Beauty – Fitness – all in one!”

Organic Food Wraps?

Can we finally say goodbye to plastic wrap? I think I have found the perfect organic alternative! These wraps are made out of USDA Organic Beeswax, Clove & Cinnamon Essential oils and Jojoba oil, Coniferous tree resins from sustainable sources & non gmo soy wax, GOTS certified organic cotton, which are all natural ingredients meansContinue reading “Organic Food Wraps?”