Yoga Wheel

I have back issues. And I know I am not alone. I have several of these wheels and I use them daily! They really do help with back issues! I might not do my exercises every day like I should, but I always use these! ✔️ POST YOGA BLISS – Have you ever had aContinue reading “Yoga Wheel”

Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

This bike is from Sunny Health & Fitness. And I must admit, I do have a Sunny Health & Fitness bike in my bedroom. And while from time to time, is does double as a place to hang my clothes….I absolutely love this bike for actually riding. I have it set up in front ofContinue reading “Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike”

Health – Beauty – Fitness – all in one!

This online store covers all the bases when it comes to what is important to me! This online store carries Beauty, Wellness, Nutrition, everything I need to stay as healthy as I can be! I am sure once you look at what they have to offer you will be just as excited as I am!Continue reading “Health – Beauty – Fitness – all in one!”