One thing that you can never have enough of, or never seem to have the correct size of – is chisels! If you are like me – you but one and try to make it work for everything, and it becomes a total failure! Yeah, I’m done with that. This set gives you enough optionsContinue reading “Woodworking!”


This is a great book for people like me that want to build things that look nice, but might not yet have the right skills to pull it off. This is an entire entry course in building things of all sorts. This big book covers choosing wood, measuring, marking and layout, cutting, joinery, drilling, shaping,Continue reading “Woodworking!”

More Woodworking!

I just love this stuff! And this makes everything look simple – even for me! Check it out! Imagine just having a smart grid that only needs your ideas and a pencil!! I wish I had this when I was building some small garages and out- buildings! Click the link! https://49cffmtj0ja93w85o6791jvkmg.hop.clickbank.net/ Don’t forget to likeContinue reading “More Woodworking!”

DIY Woodworking!

I just love handmade furniture! I love the feel and the aesthetics of it. In a world of plastic and throw away products, something made from solid wood is soothing to my soul. While I have a lot of ideas for projects, I am not that great at designing things. That is why I loveContinue reading “DIY Woodworking!”