Compression Socks

You might not think that socks are sexy, or even a topic at all. But if you spend most of your day standing, then you should really take your socks seriously! My day job requires about 10 hours a day standing, and walking. That puts a heavy strain on your feet and calves. At theContinue reading “Compression Socks”

Keto Cookie Bites

Snacks that you can eat without guilt! I am a huge fan of both Birthday cake Ice Cream and Cookies. But I am NOT a fan of all that sugar! But here is where I can say goodbye sugar, Hello Birthday Cake Cookie goodness! ChipMonk Keto Cookie Bites LOW CARB  COOKIES  |    KETO   Continue reading “Keto Cookie Bites”

Apolla Customizable Traction

These are made for dancers. Both Professional and beginners. Socks (or Shocks) are sexy too! They also make a full array of compression socks. Just click here to shop! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

CBD sore muscle rub

I have always used Tiger Balm, but I think it might be time to try something new! Dr. Strains is now offering KushCare CBD sore muscle rub. This product is used for body aches, arthritis/joint pains and muscle tension. KushCare CBD products are all natural and handcrafted with their own infused CBD oil. This 300mgContinue reading “CBD sore muscle rub”

Ogee Cleanse & Treat

This is another 5 star rated product by it’s customers! Ogee is the top Organic, Vegan, Non GMO cosmetic on the market. You owe it to yourself! LIQUID GOLD CLEANSING OIL AND SEEDS OF YOUTH SERUM Create a clean surface to maximize the anti-aging benefits: Cleanse away daily impurities and soothe inflammation with the LiquidContinue reading “Ogee Cleanse & Treat”


If you have been following my blog, you know I am about finding great deals, trying to stay healthy, and keeping my skin in the best possible condition. Sometimes the best is not the cheapest! As I have been told many times, you get what you pay for. That was a hard lesson for meContinue reading “Anti-Aging”

Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera

This dash cam is so cool! And it is only $129.99 Just check out all of its features! You will want one too! Rexing V1P | 2.4″ LCD | FHD 1080p | 170 Degree | Wide Angle Dual Channel | Wi-Fi | Dashboard Camera Recorder | Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera | Supercapacitor |Continue reading “Car Dash Cam with Rear Camera”

Dynamic Duo

SEEDS OF YOUTH SERUM / JOJOBA GLOW FACE OIL Ogee Luxary Organics is my favorite cosmetic manufacturer out there! Advanced anti-aging with double the power. Seeds of Youth Serum delivers powerful plant technology derived from Edelweiss Flower Stem Cells to visibly reduce signs of aging, while antioxidant-rich Jojoba Glow Face Oil restores optimal hydration toContinue reading “Dynamic Duo”

CBD Tinctures

Good for what ails you…….Tinctures has been used for centuries as medicinal additives. Dr Strains has 250mg CBD Tinctures for $14.99 250Looking for ways to ingest CBD without smoking? We now have new 250mg CBD tinctures that you can use daily for your fast relief for your discomfort. 5 flavors available Cinnamon Vanilla Peppermint LemonContinue reading “CBD Tinctures”

Keto Cookie Mix

COOKIES! Yes, you can make these at home! Why wait for the cookie delivery truck, when you can bake them whenever you have the urge! I love to bake. I really love to bake cookies! But lately I have not been baking because I am fighting unwanted weight gain from all the sugar in cookies.Continue reading “Keto Cookie Mix”