Oyo Hotels

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Oyo Hotels

It is SUMMER TIME and the Covid restrictions are mostly a thing of the past….goodbye pandemic – Hello freedom and travel! These are some seriously great rates in some fabulous cities! The pandemic is waning, and summer travel season is approaching quickly. It is time to make you accommodation plans before the rate begin toContinue reading “Oyo Hotels”

Weighted Blanket

This is a great product from Huggaroo! Weighted blankets give you that sense of being safe and secure, and help you sleep easier and better! And these days, feeling safe and secure is getting harder! This is made for kids, but adults can use it too! This blanket comes with 175 5 star reviews! ThatContinue reading “Weighted Blanket”

Sherpa Blanket

This is another great 5 star customer rated product from Huggaroo! They are a leader in microfiber technology, and makers of just downright comfortable products! These Sherpa blankets are a bargain at $39.99! Healing Thoughts Sherpa Blanket Wrap someone you care about in the soft and luxurious Huggaroo Healing Thoughts blanket Double layer throw blanket,Continue reading “Sherpa Blanket”

Microwavable Heating Pad By Huggaroo!

The days of the microwaved rice bags are long gone. They were bulky, impossible to travel with, and if one developed a hole – there would be a trail of rice to clean up! In with new the technology and convenience! Even when you are traveling, your hotel or motel should have a little refrigeratorContinue reading “Microwavable Heating Pad By Huggaroo!”


For my Canadian friends – and music lovers in general! This is a pretty good deal. I play a bit, and have been thinking about buying one of these for a while. I actually went to my local Guitar Center to get one not too long ago, and they were completely out of stock. SeemsContinue reading “TRAVELER GUITAR”

Oyo Hotels!

Goodbye pandemic – hello travel! Oyo Hotels are located in many major travel destinations: Dallas, Houston, Jackson, Las Vegas, Lebanon MO, NYC, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Tulsa, Atlanta, Boston, Columbia, Irving TX, Palm Springs, Branson – and more! Oyo is an International Hotel chain that is expanding across the US market. If they have aContinue reading “Oyo Hotels!”

Heating Pad

Huggaroo Cozy with Aromatherapy I love these! They are simple to use, and make a lot of my pain and stress go away! And you can pack them in an overnight bag and use them anywhere you go! The Huggaroo Cozy microwavable heating pad features a soft, removable, machine-washable cover. The Cozy is our smallestContinue reading “Heating Pad”