Seven Sundays Grain Free Muesli Cereal Variety Pack

(10 Oz, Pack Of 3) | Paleo Friendly | Gluten Free Certified | No Refined Sugar | Non-Gmo Verified GRAIN FREE MUESLI CEREALS – Our three Paleo-friendly grain free mixes bundled in a delicious variety pack so you can try them all PERFECT GRAIN FREE BREAKFAST – Made without grains, oil or added sugar ATContinue reading “Seven Sundays Grain Free Muesli Cereal Variety Pack”

Ogee luxury Organic Lip Oil

Flower Power These are the best Organic cosmetics out there! SEEDS OF YOUTH SERUM + TINTED SCULPTED LIP OIL IN CAMELLIA LIMITED EDITION! A powerful duo for a floral-infused, flawless complexion. Our advanced anti-aging Seeds of Youth Serum delivers radiant, hydrated skin that creates the perfect canvas for a velvety application of our balmy TintedContinue reading “Ogee luxury Organic Lip Oil”

Anthony’s Collagen Peptide Powder

As you might know, I am a big fan of Collagen and all of it s health benefits. This Collagen is Pure Hydrolyzed, Gluten Free, Keto and Paleo Friendly, Grass Fed, Unflavored, Non GMO. It also come with a nearly 5 star customer rating! What I like about the powders, is I can put themContinue reading “Anthony’s Collagen Peptide Powder”

NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides Powder

Here is another Collagen that is Paleo friendly, gluten Free, Non GMO and Grass Fed! Collagen is excellent for skin, bone, nail and hair health. Finding the right Collagen for you depends on your individual and dietary needs. I have been taking Collagen supplements for several months, and I can say that I have noticedContinue reading “NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides Powder”

Real Nutty Bars Paleo / Keto

I am definitely on a snack kick today, it must be nearing the end of the week! These actually sound too good to be true, but the have a nearly full 5 star rating from customers. So I am inclined to believe that they are most delicious! They also have many of the attributes thatContinue reading “Real Nutty Bars Paleo / Keto”

Grass Fed Beef Jerky Meat Snack

I am still on the snack kick! And I like Beef Jerky a lot, so this particular brand is a great find! They also so have a great selection of flavors! This is a great source for protein! CHOMPS Grass Fed Beef Jerky Meat Snack Sticks, Keto, Whole30 Approved, Paleo, Low Carb, High Protein, GlutenContinue reading “Grass Fed Beef Jerky Meat Snack”