Vitamin D Test

In this crazy world of covid it is more important than ever to know what you vitamin levels are. Studies have shown that vitamin C and D are important to helping your immune system. And I am always trying to stay healthy! Check your Vitamin D levels to help with immune system support, metabolic health,Continue reading “Vitamin D Test”

Skin Care Bundle

Skin care is something every body has in common. Some people are blessed with near perfect skin. Others have acne issues. And from personal experience, most over the counter acne solutions are not worth wasting your time or money on. EVOLVE Hormonal Acne Plus Hydration Skin Care Bundle But, a hormonal solution to a skinContinue reading “Skin Care Bundle”

Anti-Aging Vita Gel

Who want s to look ant older than they have too? I sure don’t! So I say lets fight those wrinkles and other signs of aging skin! I use Evolve ! Anti-Aging Vita Gel (Niacinamide / Tretinoin / Vitamin C / Vitamin E 4/0.03/5/1%) – 30mL Pump $99.00 Or get the bundle! EVOLVE AgelessContinue reading “Anti-Aging Vita Gel”


If you have been following my blog, you know I am about finding great deals, trying to stay healthy, and keeping my skin in the best possible condition. Sometimes the best is not the cheapest! As I have been told many times, you get what you pay for. That was a hard lesson for meContinue reading “Anti-Aging”


I have known a lot of people who have had issues with their Thyroids. Thyroid issues can cause a lot of really bad health problems. Evolve is the next generation of medicine. You order the test, they set you up with a lab in your area, and then decide the best course of action fromContinue reading “Evolve”