DIY Home Woodworking Projects!

This look like a great way to spend you time! No searching the Internet looking for plans – no drawing them on the back of napkins and hoping they work…… Ted’s has over 16,000 plans! From outdoor backyard furniture to cabinets and toys – and everything between! These are just a few of the greatContinue reading “DIY Home Woodworking Projects!”

Japanese Wood Block Plane

KAKURI TOSHIZO Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 58mm, Blade Replaceable Hand Planer for Woodworking, 2.9×2.5×10.2 inches Along with the Japanese pull saw, this is one of the best inventions for hand crafted wood working! Kakuri makes a variety of sizes of wood block planes. They also have some other finely made tools for hand craftContinue reading “Japanese Wood Block Plane”


One thing that you can never have enough of, or never seem to have the correct size of – is chisels! If you are like me – you but one and try to make it work for everything, and it becomes a total failure! Yeah, I’m done with that. This set gives you enough optionsContinue reading “Woodworking!”