Velvet Botanical Moisturizer

I absolutely love Ogee Luxary Organics! Am I am not alone! This is an great new product with a solid 5 star customer review! A weightless, whipped Jojoba Oil cream rich in ultra-hydrating micro Hyaluronic Acid and sugar-cane derived Squalane to reduce visible signs of aging, increase skin elasticity, and revitalize complexion. Infused with super-powerContinue reading “Velvet Botanical Moisturizer”

Paleo / Keto Protein Powder

I am always looking for things that will help me with my stamina. Help me be healthy. This looks like a great way to do both! Plus it has collagen! It is a trifecta of goodness! PaleoPro Protein Powder (Ancient Cacao 1lb.) Grass-Fed, Pastured, Cage-Free Protein | Gluten Free, Dairy Free. No Sugar, Soy, GrainsContinue reading “Paleo / Keto Protein Powder”

Paleo Pro Bone Broth Collagen w/ Turmeric Root

I am always trying to find the best Collagen. And this one has Turmeric in it as well, which is an extra added bonus! This brand comes in either a jar or single packets, depending on your preference. Beef Collagen is extremely good for your bones, skin, nails. And Turmeric has been a got toContinue reading “Paleo Pro Bone Broth Collagen w/ Turmeric Root”

Seven Sundays Grain Free Muesli Cereal Variety Pack

(10 Oz, Pack Of 3) | Paleo Friendly | Gluten Free Certified | No Refined Sugar | Non-Gmo Verified GRAIN FREE MUESLI CEREALS – Our three Paleo-friendly grain free mixes bundled in a delicious variety pack so you can try them all PERFECT GRAIN FREE BREAKFAST – Made without grains, oil or added sugar ATContinue reading “Seven Sundays Grain Free Muesli Cereal Variety Pack”


Resistance bands are a great way to keep your muscles in shape! And, if you are getting older – they are a fantastic replacement for free weights. You can avoid a lot of injuries by using bands instead of weights, and get the same great workout. This set comes with everything that you need toContinue reading “RESISTANCE BANDS”

Seeds of Youth Serum

ANTI-AGING STEM CELL SERUM I just love this company! A powerful anti-aging serum that instantly hydrates, boosts radiance and firms skin as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles in 22 days. This high-performance organic formula combines 1% Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells, Hyaluronic Acid and other natural botanicals with cold-pressed Jojoba Oil to reverse the agingContinue reading “Seeds of Youth Serum”

Sculpted Face Stick

My favorite Organic make up company in the world is running a few special offers. Currently this is on sale for $42.00 Perfect the appearance of no-makeup makeup with this multi-use skin-loving stick, rich in a hydrating blend of essential fatty acids and oils. This lightweight, illuminizing formula utilizes Green Coffee Oil to stimulate collagen,Continue reading “Sculpted Face Stick”

CBD Youth Serum

Who doesn’t want to look and feel younger? I am always looking for anything that will help keep my skin looking young! This sounds like just the addition needed for my skin care ritual! It also comes with a customer 5 star rating! (I try to only find the best!). Winged Women’s Radiance CBD YouthContinue reading “CBD Youth Serum”

Winged Women’s Wellness CBD

Female Founded – Formulated for Women – The Winged Way They have a variety of excellent products to choose from. I am sure they have one that will fit your needs! Entrepreneurial Moms. Community Builders. Nurturing Executives. Winged is for today’s multidimensional woman to help her feel her best. When a woman feels good, sheContinue reading “Winged Women’s Wellness CBD”

Anti-Aging Vita Gel

Who want s to look ant older than they have too? I sure don’t! So I say lets fight those wrinkles and other signs of aging skin! I use Evolve ! Anti-Aging Vita Gel (Niacinamide / Tretinoin / Vitamin C / Vitamin E 4/0.03/5/1%) – 30mL Pump $99.00 Or get the bundle! EVOLVE Ageless SkinContinue reading “Anti-Aging Vita Gel”