The Infinite Shock

So much more than a recovery sock! The Infinite hits mid-calf, graduated compression up the calf, and effective arch and ankle support that is perfect for long days on your feet, extra support needs, conventions, travel, and recovery. Say goodbye to swollen ankles! We recommend you have a pair WITH traction for class and NONContinue reading “The Infinite Shock”

No-Show Dance Socks

These are great even if you are not a dancer! Made by Apolla! The AMP Shock Beyond a no-show sock, the AMP gives you arch support like nothing you have tried before. The low profile and traction on the ball of the foot AND heel allows it to replace a jazz shoe. or your barreContinue reading “No-Show Dance Socks”

Hey Dancers!

The AMP Shock from Apolla! If you are pro, semi pro, beginner – or just a plain mess like me – – these are the dance sock that you need. You will never use any other brand! Beyond a no-show sock, the AMP gives you arch support like nothing you have tried before. The lowContinue reading “Hey Dancers!”

Dance Shoes

From the makers of great compression socks and dance shocks – we have a fantastic half sole dance shoe! It’s time for like to get back to normal, and that just might mean taking dance lessons for some of us! Don’t let knock-offs fool you! There is no substitute for the Alpha Shock. Replacing half-soleContinue reading “Dance Shoes”

Apolla Slides

This is a new adorable item from Apolla, and are on sale right now for $38.00 They come in black or white. Apolla makes great compression and stress relief footwear! Just click here to shop and purchase! (Kit) Apolla Slides Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Compression Socks!

Compression socks are not just for old men in Bermuda shorts at the beach anymore! They are actually great for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Whether it is at your job or you activities. They really make a difference in your blood-flow and leg fatigue. A premium sock, that likeContinue reading “Compression Socks!”

Fitness socks!

That is right, Fitness socks! You feet spend all day every day supporting your body and everything you decide to do. Taking care of your feet and calves is important to your overall well being. I have been using compression socks for years, and these really are the best of the best! Whether youContinue reading “Fitness socks!”

Compression Socks

You might not think that socks are sexy, or even a topic at all. But if you spend most of your day standing, then you should really take your socks seriously! My day job requires about 10 hours a day standing, and walking. That puts a heavy strain on your feet and calves. At theContinue reading “Compression Socks”

Apolla Customizable Traction

These are made for dancers. Both Professional and beginners. Socks (or Shocks) are sexy too! They also make a full array of compression socks. Just click here to shop! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!