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Give the gift that keeps on giving!

Now through November 30, we offer many special discounts up to $35 of on all our 6 clubs. You can include a beautiful color email or printed Gift Announcement with your order- for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.

The #1 Craft Beer Club in the country. Hard to find international wines. Rare Gourmet Cheeses,. Limited production, hand-rolled cigars—all from, which has served as the premium gift of the month club site since 1994

We also offer Free Gifts with purchase on beer and wine clubs

Black Friday and Cyber Mondyay offers include:

Get $12 off any 4 shipment order: code SAVE12

Get $18 off any pre-paid 6 shipment order: code SAVE18

Get $35 off any pre-paid 12 shipment order: code SAVE35

Free gift with purchase:

Bartenders Bottle Opener — with Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club membership

Free wine bags with any 3 month shipment from International Wine of the Month Club

Design Your Own Club: Combine any 2 or even all 6 clubs in 1membership and choose your own shipment schedule

beer bottles standing
wine bottles standing
five cigars
decorated chocolates
bouquet of peonies
design your own club

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