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I am a fan of protein bars. But I am not a fan of the icky ones. I have spent considerably amounts of time at the local Sprouts trying to decide which protein bar I wanted to choose. They all look yummy on the wrapper cover. But time after time I was disappointed by a rock hard tasteless (or plain icky tasting) product. It made me wary of protein bars in general.

To be fair, there are a few that made the cut. Rise bars are on that short list.

The first Rise Bar was very simple in nature. It consisted of almonds, honey and whey. That’s right — only three ingredients. But it worked. It was a success and consumers loved the idea of a simple, easy to understand protein bar. One that focused on real ingredients, while omitting anything frivolous or artificial.


Today, Rise has never strayed from the learning’s of that very first bar – minimal ingredients, real food and always made simple. Every Rise Bar is made in small batches in the commercial kitchen at our Irvine headquarters.

We take an artisanal approach to our manufacturing process and slow roast our almonds, cashews, and other nuts on-site for maximum flavor. Pete and the Rise Bar team still taste test random batches every single day to ensure the ingredients and product standards never waver.

Best Sellers

Honey Almond Rise Bar
Description The simplest protein bar ever! Really. It’s our best-selling bar so if you haven’t tried it, you should. And if you have, then have some more. Made with just 3 ingredients – almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate, it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Non-GMO | Soy-Free | Gluten-Free | Kosher | Grain-Free | No Artificial Sweeteners | No sugar alcohols | No Preservatives 12 Count / 2.1oz Bars Almond Honey Protein Bars (12 pack)
Mint Chip Protein Bars
Description Chocolate and mint are a match made in heaven. Made with 5 ingredients, this refreshing mint chip bar is packed with almonds, honey, organic peppermint, carob powder and pure whey protein isolate.
12 Count / 2.1oz Bars
High Protein 15g | Good Source of Fiber 4g | Good Source of Potassium | Good Source of Calcium
Mint Chip Protein Bars (12 pack)
Chocolatey Almond Protein Bars (12 pack)
Description Rich, chocolatey, and deliciously simple, this 4 ingredient bar includes chunks of whole almonds blended with carob powder, honey and a boost of pure whey protein isolate. High Protein 17g | Excellent Source of Fiber 5g | Good Source of Potassium | Good Source of Calcium
12 Count / 2.1oz Bars
No chocolate ingredients
Chocolatey Almond Protein Bars (12 pack)

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