Non Slip Shoes!

I have spent a fair amount of time working in restaurants. And I know that non slip shoes are essential to the job. It is required, after all. But not all non slip shoes are created equal! I started out with Walmart shoes, but the styles were limited, as was the quality. But, for $18, you get what you pay for.

Not only do they have to be non-slip, but they have to be comfortable! Because you spend you entire shift standing in them!

I tried a lot of brands from various outlets. But now I have found these! If you work in a restaurant in any capacity, I suggest you check them out! Both men’s and women’s styles! And much more than I have posted here!

Emeril’s Footwear!
Mens Quarter $70.00
Mens Royal $65.00 $39.99
Mens Canal $65.00 $45.00
WOMEN Odin $85.00
View Women's Royal slip resistant work shoe
Womens Royal $65.00 $39.99

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