The Infinite Shock

So much more than a recovery sock! The Infinite hits mid-calf, graduated compression up the calf, and effective arch and ankle support that is perfect for long days on your feet, extra support needs, conventions, travel, and recovery. Say goodbye to swollen ankles!

We recommend you have a pair WITH traction for class and NON traction for recovery…but you will probably want a pair for every day of the week!

The Infinite provides our flexible arch support, ankle stability, and energy absorption. However, here are some other unique fit features of the Infinite:

Mid-calf profile seamless design

  • No compression in the toes offering our most freedom fit and room in the toes
  • Beloved by ballerinas coming out of pointe shoes or those with bunions
  • Knit-in energy absorption pads in the ball of the foot AND the heel
  • Have a pair after pointe class to slip on and wear around the house to come back to class each day with fresh feet!
  • Graduated compression up the calf
  • Helps with recovery from shin splints and aching calves
  • Perfect for long days on your feet, extra support needs, travel, and recovery
  • Some LOVE this snug hug, others find it claustrophobic
  • If you crave extra support, the Infinite is for you, however, if you prefer a lower profile and full coverage option, look at the Performance or AMP styles
  • Mid-calf profile stays in place, does not slip down

The ONLY dancer footwear awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance (along with ALL Apolla Shock styles). Meaning the APMA says they are good for your feet!

  • A massage for your feet, you won’t believe the difference they make on your whole body! 
  • To keep strong arches, it is good to help lift them and give them support in class, and during recovery

Premium and Durable Footwear

  • Patented highly-engineered knit design made with quality performance yarns, creating durable footwear that will outlast any other dance shoe several times over
  • We recommend you replace a pair once a year, but you may want more colors, styles, or a pair for performance and class…but you won’t need to replace them through the year due to them not lasting. 

Knit-in Energy Absorption

  • A 2019 independent study at Ohio University showed Apolla socks reduced force.
  • Our padding on the ball of the foot AND the heel provides comfort for your metatarsals but is not too thick in shoes.

Additional Features

  • You can choose NON or WITH our patented refreshable, invisible traction
  • Anti-microbial (they don’t stink)
  • Moisture-wicking (keep your feet dry)
  • Durable
  • They are washable
  • Recyclable
  • Apolla socks are anatomically correct. There is an L & R knit into the inside cuff that tells you if it is “Left” or “Right.

You don’t have to wash them as often as a typical sock but unlike your dance shoes, you CAN wash them!

What we often hear:
Are they a crutch?
I need to build strong feet, can I do that with the support of Apollas?
I need to wear the footwear appropriate for the genre!

Short answers…No, yes, and stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result!

DID YOU KNOW? Dancer injury rates are TWICE the amount as football players from the knee down? It’s true! Most of those dancer injuries are caused by overuse, repetitive strain & inflammation (65% from the knee down). This inflammation causes pain, aches & can lead to chronic injuries. We want to help you ache less & feel better. How do we do that?
Apolla Shocks combine several sports-science technology features specifically for dancers but…


Apolla uses high-quality 20-30mmHg targeted compression zones to create flexible arch support & ankle stability, Apolla socks offer similar support provided by taping or KT tape but a better range of motion, comfort, and usability. The compression is strategically designed to target points of the feet and ankles to reduce inflammation. Reducing this inflammation makes you ache less and dance more with less pain. Compression feels like your feet and ankles are receiving a nice, snug hug or a massage. It is not uncomfortable, but it will feel different. Apolla’s patented targeted compression is what makes it special and cannot be duplicated in another compression sock. It is the ‘goldilocks’ of compression levels to assist circulation & recovery. This makes you feel less fatigued and energizes your muscles. It also helps to stabilize the 26 bones in the foot and the ankle’s tendons and ligaments. However, it is important to note it does not restrict full range of motion, so it does not prevent muscles from building strength. You will however notice increased awareness of your alignment, proprioception, and kinesthetic awareness. The stability they provide is also raved about by customers with joint hypermobility and are looking for comfort and stability.

Wearing Apolla Shocks during class minimizes the amount of inflammation that occurs due to the repetitive nature and the movement that IS Dance. Regardless of technique or strength, dance creates repetition and overuse in your joints and muscles and that causes inflammation. We also strongly encourage dancers to wear them when NOT dancing, as they also help to refresh your muscles so you can come back to class refreshed and reduct the liklihood of chronic injuries like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis or other inflammation-related injuries that can compound and create career-ending injuries. Our graduated compression assists circulation to remove the inflammation from the feet and ankles. Additionally, our knit-in energy absorption provides metatarsal (and heel comfort for full-coverage Shocks) while reducing force on the joints and muscles. All of these features plus our various styles that are designed to fit your preferences, AND a refreshable traction, combine to make Apolla Shocks world-class footwear for dancers.

You can wear them for class, travel, conventions (terrible hotel carpet laid over concrete), on stage, or everyday wear and recovery!Simply put, Apolla Shocks work! We have thousands of reviews to help you know why you should invest in your body and career. They help you ache less and feel better…AKA Dance Longer & Dance Stronger! The best part? We guarantee satisfaction. So give us a try and see what Apolla can do for you!

You can learn more about the science behind Apolla Shocks through our series with Mia Michaels or our Artist and Athlete Webinar where we dive into the research, science, and reasoning behind why dancers need to start treating their bodies and minds like the artistic athletes they are!

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The Infinite Shock

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