Keto Kit

From Dr. Berg! We all know him and his wonderful products! This is a one stop Keto starter kit for the Keto beginner – or anyone who needs help along the way! Summer is nearing its end, and the time to drop those extra lockdown pounds is now!

  • It’s Not Lose Weight to Get Healthy, It’s Get Healthy to Lose Weight
  • This will give you the perfect combination to do a healthy ketogenic diet
  • Start reading the booklet, which will take you 1 hour to get started, then study the bigger book to fill in the details
  • Combination kit composed of Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder, Nutritional Yeast Tablets, Lemon Wheatgrass Juice Powder,The Healthy Keto Plan, Meal Maker & Dr. Berg’s New companion booklet

Keto Kit


  • Supports “Keto Flu” symptoms and whole-day energy.
  • Promotes a calm mind and relaxed body as you go through your diet.
  • Support your body’s natural cellular machinery.
  • All your Keto questions answered in a booklet and book.
  • Includes: Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder, Nutritional Yeast Tablets, Lemon Wheatgrass Juice Powder, The Healthy Keto Plan, Meal Maker & Dr. Berg’s New companion booklet.

What you are about to see could make the difference between a successful keto transformation, and a disappointing shortcoming. Keto is amazing when you understand it, but requires time and the right information. Your diet switch also puts stress on your body — right down to every cell. This comprehensive kit gives you the guides and supplements that maximize your chances of keto success.


one bottle

Electrolyte Powder Raspberry Lemon

Contains 1000 mg of potassium per serving. This is higher than any electrolyte powder on the market. Your body requires 4,700 mg of potassium citrate a day. To get that, you’d need to eat 7-10 cups of veggies every day. Most people don’t get a fraction of that.

  • One serving gives you a complete mineral and trace mineral drink.
  • No maltodextrin or sugar
  • Very high in energy and hydration-boosting electrolytes.
  • Electrolytes can improve your endurance and performance.
  • This unique formula alleviates muscle cramps and supports optimal muscle and nerve function.
  • Potassium and other electrolytes boost your energy levels.
  • 100% dissolvable and has an amazing raspberry lemon flavor

Keto Kit

one bottle

Raw Wheatgrass Juice Powder (Lemon Flavor)

Our wheatgrass juice powder is massively nutrient-dense. It is grown on soils, which were once an ancient sea bed in Utah. These soils are usually minerals and trace minerals rich. It is dark green, alive and very aromatic. You’ll notice the difference between this wheatgrass juice powder by its deep green color, soothing taste and aromatic smell.

Dr.Berg - Nutritional yeast

Nutritional Yeast Tablets

  • Support Keto-Adaptation
  • Instant Stress Relief
  • Non-Fortified (No synthetics)
  • Contains Natural B Vitamins
  • Vegetarian Ingredients
  • 270 Tablets Per Bottle

Keto Kit

Keto is only difficult if you do it incorrectly

I heard that the other day and it’s very controversial. Determining your personal chances of success with keto is both simple and complicated. It all comes down to one question:

Are you going to stick to the diet no matter what?

After helping tens of thousands of people, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Some patients with iron discipline follow keto with a militaristic passion and change their lives in a couple months

For others, it’s a year-long process of many huge leaps forward, and some steps back.

Do you need this keto kit to have a successful keto transformation?

Of course not. But the truth is that it will make your journey much easier. The first part of this is just the information. If you’ve just discovered the keto diet recently, you have so much to learn!

YouTube videos are great, but they aren’t that accessible.

I wrote “The Healthy Keto Plan” as a one-stop-shop for all of your questions. You won’t accidentally slip up on your health transformation because of uninformed mistakes. You won’t feel insecure about knowing what to eat because you have a huge list of delicious recipes.

No matter how you look at it, all of those are real benefits which do increase your chances of huge keto success.

That’s without taking in the many benefits form the supplements that are listed above. The electrolyte powder will support your energy and slumps from the keto flu. Nutritional yeast is used by your body for many different vital processes. Wheatgrass Juice Powder is a little-known but unbelievably nutritious superfood.

People talk about the “Keto Flu” but what is it really?

Researchers from Methodist University have described it as a combination of symptoms such as constipation, nausea, fatigue, difficulty in exercise tolerance, brain fog, and others. (1)

All of these symptoms are the last things you want on your diet. Unfortunately, they discourage you from being healthy.

The same researchers concluded that proper hydration and an increase in electrolytes can mitigate some of these symptoms. (2)

My personal recommendation? With tens of thousands of people to base my experience on, the Keto Kit does make adapting to the keto lifestyle easier. It supports the keto flu, and helps you feel great as you transform your health.

Add it to your cart if you are truly serious about your keto decision and want to maximize your odds of achieving a new healthy life.

Keto Kit


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A simple overview

Authored by Dr. Eric Berg DC will give you the exact steps on how to combine three different strategies to take your health and weight loss to a whole new level. 


Use your Meal Maker to quickly (within minutes) generate delicious weekly meals at the press of a button. This will save you lots of time and provide the planning to stick to your new lifestyle changes.


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Keto Kit

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