Dance Shoes

From the makers of great compression socks and dance shocks – we have a fantastic half sole dance shoe! It’s time for like to get back to normal, and that just might mean taking dance lessons for some of us!

Don’t let knock-offs fool you! There is no substitute for the Alpha Shock. Replacing half-sole shoes, the Alpha is durable and effective compression footwear with a snug hug in the toes. It is so light you forget you are wearing it except for how much better your body feels at the end of the day.

We recommend you have a pair WITH traction for class and NON traction for recovery…but you will probably want a pair for every day of the week! CLICK HERE to bundle and save 5% with our Ultimate Kits!

The Alpha

Half Sole Dance Shoes

$ 32.00

Just click here to shop and purchase!

The Alpha

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