Fitness socks!

That is right, Fitness socks! You feet spend all day every day supporting your body and everything you decide to do. Taking care of your feet and calves is important to your overall well being. I have been using compression socks for years, and these really are the best of the best!

Whether you are into Yoga, Pilates, dance, hiking, or just need to have better circulation in your lower legs and feet. These socks are for you. They have a wide variety of styles to choose from, depending on what you intend to do in them!

Trusted by thousands

We believe the world deserves a smarter, sustainable sock that supports us in all that we do

A premium sock, that like you, is the whole package!

Apolla socks have it ALL

Other compression socks may provide graduated compression in your legs, some give a bit of an arch squeeze, others provide some padding, or add features like moisture-wicking or eco-friendly. Apolla socks have it ALL and have engineered a technical foot garment that is ultra-cozy and crazy effective at reducing pain & fatigue. All while being good for the earth!

Our high quality 20-30mmHg targeted compression supports joints and reduces swelling while our padding in the heel and ball of the foot has been shown in studies to reduce force. Helping you do what you LOVE longer & stronger.

The Science of Apolla

What makes them so special? Our socks are not only made of certified Repreve sustainable yarns but they also have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. Why were they given this distinction? We created an earth-friendly, premium sock, that gives you the benefit of a shoe combined with the comfort of a sock (that is why you hear dancers call them Shocks). Keep scrolling to see the technology that makes our socks the best in the world.

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