Keto Sweetener!

What is Monk Fruit, and why is it better than all the other sugars and sweeteners?

Monk Fruit is safe for people with Diabetes!

Monk Fruit has no calories or carbs!

Monk Fruit is 150 to 250 times sweeter than sugar!

It is thought to have anti inflammatory properties, and has been used for centuries in hot drinks for sore throats!

Where do I find this magical elixir? Probably not at the local supermarket. Monk Fruit is found in Southern China, and was named because of the Monks that harvested it. It hard hard to harvest and grow. Needs to be dried to use, and it is expensive to import.

It is in the gourd family, so unless you have allergies associated with gourds, it is completely safe.

Who uses Monk Fruit? My favorite Keto Cookie Company does! ChipMonk ! !

ChipMonk Keto Cookie Bites bite CM Baking Birthday Cake 1 Pouch (8 Bites)


My name is Jose – co-founder of ChipMonk Baking, a health nut, and a diagnosed type two diabetic.  Here at ChipMonk, we’re committed to bringing back keto dessert for so many people who are struggling with challenges like diabetes, the keto lifestyle, and celiac disease. 

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