Compression Socks

You might not think that socks are sexy, or even a topic at all. But if you spend most of your day standing, then you should really take your socks seriously!

My day job requires about 10 hours a day standing, and walking. That puts a heavy strain on your feet and calves. At the end of the day extreme fatigue and soreness can settle in. Compression socks can really change that for the better!

I know when you think about them, you think of some old man wearing them in shorts and a flower shirt looking silly on vacation somewhere. But they have come a long way since then! I have been wearing them for years, and they not only help with support, but also with your leg and foot circulation. And they can help to avoid a slew of ankle and foot maladies that occur as you both get older and are on your feet constantly.

Apolla Performance is a great company with a lot of different types of compression options to choose from!

Juct click this link to explore all the styles Apolla has to offer!

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