Keto Desserts!

These are Diabetic friendly, low carb, no sugar, gluten free, and most of all – Delicious!

ChipMonk Chocolate Chipmonk keto cookie
ChipMonk Keto Cookie Bites bite CM Baking Birthday Cake 1 Pouch (8 Bites)


My name is Jose – co-founder of ChipMonk Baking, a health nut, and a diagnosed type two diabetic. 

Diabetes is scary, and it affects 425 million people world wide. It’s a global epidemic. Scarier still, that number doesn’t account for the countless others with pre-diabetes. In the US alone, there are over 84 million people with pre-diabetes. 

My personal experience with diabetes has been the driving force behind everything we do at ChipMonk. Before my diagnosis in 2016, I suffered from extreme fatigue, relied too heavily on caffeine, was irritable, and struggled to maintain my weight. I knew something was wrong, but I never linked it to diabetes because I had always been in decent shape. 

Eventually, I visited my doctor and found out my A1c (an average measurement of blood sugar over 3 months) was 6.9, which is well into the diabetic range. My doctor tried to prescribe me medication meant to control blood sugar, but being a double science major, I wanted to tackle my diagnosis holistically. My goal was to fix the root of the problem of my disease, not slap it with a band-aid. 

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