Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Bed Sheet

This is a fabulous idea! Keeps you nice and cozy and cradled! If you have small children, than this is something you should really think about getting for them! I like the “no more falling out of bed”!

I have had to wear compression clothing of various types over the years, And I really like the idea of a compression bed sheet!

Here are just some of the advantages of this sheet:

The Huggaroo Pouch bed sheet fits over your child’s mattress like a sock (but open on both ends).

Provides your child with gentle and relaxing deep pressure stimulation and a sense of swaddled security.

Silky-smooth and incredibly stretchable, it also provides calming and enjoyable tactile feedback to your young sensory seekers.

The Pouch is light and breathable yet very strong. It can be stretched a great deal over and over again without losing its elasticity. Our special fabric ensures that it will keep returning to its original shape.

The Huggaroo Pouch is a weighted blanket alternative – provides deep pressure therapy without the heavy weight or unwanted heat or a weighted blanket.

  • Kids love playing, relaxing, and sleeping in the Huggaroo sensory bed sheet. We’ve had many touching testimonies from parents, sharing that thanks to the Huggaroo Pouch, their children who have chronically struggled going to bed, falling asleep, or staying asleep now actually look forward to bedtime and for the first time ever sleep through the night. Nothing makes us happier or more fulfilled than knowing that we are helping children and parents get some restful sleep.
  • An added benefit – no more falling out of bed!

Product Specifications

  • Size: Fits any TWIN or TWIN XL mattress
  • Color: Royal Blue
  • Composition: Nylon/ spandex blend
  • Care: Machine wash gentle, cold. Tumble dry. No bleach. No iron.

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Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Compression Bed Sheet – Twin/Twin XL, Blue

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Huggaroo Pouch Sensory Compression Bed Sheet - Twin/Twin XL, Blue

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