Ice Comfort

If you get migraines, or sports injuries, this is just the thing you need. I am sick and tired of holding a ziplock bag of ice on my knee, or elbow, or where ever! This handy ice wrap holds itself in place – so you don’t have to. And, it is reusable. Just put in back into the freezer. No fuss, no hassles! No dripping water all over the place!

Huggaroo Gel Ice Wrap

  • The Huggaroo Ice Comfort is soft wrap, which contains 9 individual gel ice packs.
  • May be secured comfortably around your head with velcro or used as a general purpose cold compress.
  • As cold as you’d like it to be – choose the degree of cold sensation applied against your skin. The silky side feels ice cold; the plush side feels gently cool.
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  • Size and weight: 27.5 x 6 inches. Extension piece (included): 6 x 6 inches. 1 lb. One size fits all.
  • Outer cover: 100% polyester.
  • Gel packs: PVC shell filled with water, glycerin, carboxymethylcellulose.
  • Care: Machine wash cover only cold, gentle. Tumble dry on low heat for best results. No bleach. No iron.

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Huggaroo Gel Ice Wrap

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Huggaroo Gel Ice Wrap

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