Yoga Wheel

I have back issues. And I know I am not alone. I have several of these wheels and I use them daily! They really do help with back issues! I might not do my exercises every day like I should, but I always use these!

✔️ POST YOGA BLISS – Have you ever had a stretch so deep that you experienced post yoga bliss? Our yoga wheels were specifically designed to help deepen your stretches, assist with advanced poses so you can experience that blissful feeling every time. A workout guide for all levels of yoga poses is included for FREE with every purchase.

✔️ ELEVATE YOUR PRACTICE – There’s no need to worry, our yoga wheels are the strongest on the market & holds up to a whopping 550 lbs of body weight and will not bend. The thick padding is soft, comfortable and made of specialized sweat resistant eco-friendly TPE material. You can practice handstands & backbends with confidence knowing our wheels will support you.

✔️ FEEL THE PAIN MELT AWAY – Reverse the hours of slouching at your desk and watch your confidence skyrocket as your posture will be emitting a sense of health. Imagine rolling our wheel up and down your spine. You’ll notice your spine will lengthen, straighten and your posture will improve. The 6” wheel is perfect for any upper back & neck pain.

✔️ ARE YOU A RUNNER, CYCLIST, OR WEIGHT LIFTER? – if you experience muscle tightness, then our wheels are perfect for you! Use the wheels as a stretching prop so your muscles feel that super deep stretch. For example, stretch your hamstrings with our wheel like you would with a yoga strap. Use the 6” wheel as you would with a foam roller. Your body will recover faster than ever so you can get back to training hard!

✔️ WE’RE GRATEFUL FOR YOU! – We will do everything in our power to help YOU on your fitness journey. That means we will provide you with a lifetime warranty and top notch customer service. We’ll always provide our best but in the off chance that something does go wrong, we’ve got your back! Simply reach out to us and we’ll take care of you. Join the Habit Fitness Club community!

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