Heating Pad!

This is something that I need virtually ever single morning! My neck is always stiff when I get up, and I don’t think I could function without a heating pad. And Huggaroo make the best heating and cooling pads on the market.

They are at the forefront of microfiber fabric technology! All of their products are 5 start rated by their customers.

Huggaroo Neck Wrap Microwavable Heat Pad – Weighted, Lavender, Grey

There are a lot of people that are a pain in the neck, and no, this won’t help you with them….But if you wake up with a sore neck, or have a job that causes soreness, this is exactly what you need!

  • The Huggaroo Embrace microwavable heating pad delivers 10-15 minutes of deep, moist heat therapy to your neck and shoulders. Remains warm for another 10-15 minutes.
  • This heated neck wrap is ideal for neck pain relief or shoulder pain relief but may also be used as a general-purpose heat pack. Use as warm compress to relieve aches or pains in any part of your body.
  • The Huggaroo Embrace weighted heating pad relaxes and soothes with pleasing warmth and deep pressure stimulation.
  • Instantly relaxes knotted muscles and neck tension. Soothes trigger points in the neck and upper back. Alleviates muscle knots in the neck and shoulder blades.
  • Patented Huggaroo anti-gravity design ensures no shifting or settling of the wrap’s contents. Velcro fastener in the front. This ergonomic, cordless weighted heating pad will hug your neck and shoulders indefinitely, giving you the freedom to move and enjoy its therapeutic heat anywhere – indoors, in your car, and even while walking or shopping.
  • This model features lavender aromatherapy.

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Huggaroo Neck Wrap Microwavable Heat Pad – Weighted, Lavender, Grey

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Huggaroo Neck Heating Pad - Weighted, Aromatherapy, Gray

Huggaroo Neck Wrap Microwavable Heat Pad – Weighted, Lavender, Grey

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