Japanese Wood Block Plane

KAKURI TOSHIZO Japanese Wood Block Plane KANNA 58mm, Blade Replaceable Hand Planer for Woodworking, 2.9×2.5×10.2 inches

Along with the Japanese pull saw, this is one of the best inventions for hand crafted wood working! Kakuri makes a variety of sizes of wood block planes. They also have some other finely made tools for hand craft wood working. These are fantastic additions to your workshop!


Ideal Japanese type woodworking hand planer for surface finishing of wood. You can make smooth chamfers by polishing the wood with this handtool. Because the Japanese wood plane is used by pulling instead of pushing, it is easy to apply force evenly, and accurate and efficient straight carpentry work is possible. The tool is used for both professional carpenters and home DIY woodworkers.

CONVENIENT SPARE BLADE TYPE PLANE: It is a plane whose blade tip can be replaced. Sharpening is required to maintain the sharpness of the plane, but the replacement blade type does not require sharpening, so it is easy to use even for beginners. Even Japanese professional carpenters are choosing spare blade planes to increase work efficiency. Also, since a chip breaker (Osae-ba) can be attached to the main blade, there is no need to adjust it. It is designed to use a plane efficiently.

ESSENTIAL WOODWORKING TOOL: It is easy to pull stably with the moderate weight of the plane and can peel the surface of the wood as you adjusted the blade. It is ideal not only for general wood surface processing but also for fine adjustment of tight drawers and surface finishing of tabletops and wooden cutting boards, etc.

OFFICIAL ENGLISH INSTRUCTION: KAKURI Official English instruction is included. The length of the blade is adjustable by hitting with a hammer. Fine adjustment of the blade is necessary when using a Japanese plane.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Made in Japan / Body: Oak wood / Blade: Japanese high carbon steel / Size: 2.9×2.5×10.2 inches / Cutting width: 1.9 inches / Weight: 30 oz

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