Chocolate Chip Paleo Cookie

I LOVE COOKIES! ! ! ! I could eat cookies and ice cream from morning till I pass out!

So whenever I can find anything that is both delicious and not horrible for me – I am overjoyed! And they are baked to order!

Fresh Baked to Order – One Dozen: Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Preservative-free, GMO-free, All Natural Healthy Real Food Ingredients

  • One dozen soft & moist 2oz cookies – The perfect pre & post workout snack!
  • The Paleo Cookie makes the perfect Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thinking Of You, Get Well and Just Because gift.
  • Enjoy as as a breakfast option; a go-to travel snack, and of course, a decadent Paleo dessert.
  • TRY ALL OF OUR FLAVORS – Double Chocolate Vegan Brownie Cookie & The No Sugar Sugar Cookie – The Paleo Cookie Company – Mera Bites
  • Busy people enjoy these nutrient-dense cookies as a meal replacement while on the go. Whatever your lifestyle needs are, we have a real food solution for you. The Paleo Cookies are a Real Food Healthy Nutritious Organic treat.

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