Kiss My Keto Candy

Kiss My Keto Candy Fish Friends

I love candy! And I love candy that I can eat and stay on course!

  • Low Sugar, Low Calorie, Low Carb Candy — Fancy a Fish Friend? Keto candy just got seriously satisfying. Fish Friends are NEW juicy berry-flavored keto gummies with just 1g of sugar, 80 calories, 2g net-carbs in a 50g bag.
  • Added MCT Oils for Keto Energy — Designed for keto, Fish Friends are keto sweets with added ‘oooomph’! Packed with energy-enhancing MCT oils – a macronutrient essential for energy-maintenance on a keto diet.
  • Plant Based & Vegan Friendly — 100% Gelatin Free. Prepared with Pectin, a plant-based alternative with unbeatable ‘chew’, that makes a revolutionary alternative to regular sugar-packed, blood-sugar spiking keto snacks.
  • Guilt Free Sweet Tooth Satisfaction — Craving sugar on your new low-carb diet? Look no further. Fish Friends have got you covered with a macro-friendly, nutritious and satisfying keto sweet made with high-quality, clean ingredients.
  • Clean Ingredients, Clear Macros — Each 50g bag constitutes 1 serving, so no more calculating macros. Satisfy your sweet tooth with clarity – 1 Bag = 1g sugar, 80 calories, 2g net-carbs. No added sugar, all natural colors / flavors.

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