Neoprene Dumbbell Hand Weights

The very first time I went to the sporting goods store to buy dumbbells, the kid at the checkout counter asked me if I needed someone to carry them to the car for me. Apparently my struggle was obvious!

Since then I have bought more and heavier, but I discovered that before you can get into shape – first you have to get into good enough shape to start working out. That was a humbling yet real discovery. I thought I would start lifting weights, and flab would become tone in a matter of weeks. Boy was I wrong there! I also realized that I should have started with a lighter pair of dumbbells! But, pride got in my way at the store (which I later returned to so I could buy a set of smaller dumbbells.

These here come in 8 different weights that are perfect for getting that exercise program started. Plus they come in all sorts of colors! I know, you could join a gym. But if you are like me, you won’t go until you look like you don’t need to go. All these years later, I still use my dumbbells at home.

Here is a little about them:

Attractive Muscles–Perfect for use in any exercise or program to tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders and back, including cardio for higher intensity.

Non Slip-Grip Design–Premium material coating make it gentle and grippe on hands and provides protection against calluses. Ideal for workout – the unique HEX shape prevents rolling and is easy for stacking. Especially for at-home workout programs.

Solid cast iron – made of high quality cast iron core to strengthen durability, toughness and stability. Firm Construction will not break or bend after repeated use. Easy to storage – the dumbbell Occupy very little space and can be put anywhere without worrying about rolling as a result of their Hex shape.

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