Spring is here (mostly), and is it time to get those projects going! I don’t think I can ever get enough teaching on this subject – because I hate wasting time and building something that looks crappy. I want it to come out right the first time! This book is very helpful – in fact all three books can really up you woodworking game!

WOODWORKING MASTERY 2021 (3 books in 1): The Complete Guide For Beginners To Learn Woodcraft & Follow Step-By-Step Plans And Projects to Share

Are you ready to explore and thrive in the art of woodworking?

In this engaging collection, the fanatical woodworker and author Miles Adkins guides you through a detailed journey to get you from scratch to crafting gorgeous wooden objects quicker than you can imagine. Keep reading…

You’ve come to the right place! This 3-in-1 guide will be the unique tool you need to learn woodworking from scratch. With a hands-on, pragmatic approach, Miles will provide you with all the tools, safeguards, and techniques you need to take to become a wood craftsman one step at a time. Learning to work with wood has never been easier, budget-friendly and above all surprisingly exciting. Here’s what you get by reading this bundle guide:

BOOK 1: Woodworking for Beginners

  • A comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to the pastime that is becoming more and more popular
  • All you need to know about the tools to use and setting up an inexpensive and effective workspace
  • The finest crafting techniques to start with, plus dozens of smart ways to avoid the most common mistakes

BOOK 2: Woodworking Plans and Projects 

  • An easy-to-follow handbook on understanding wood and the ways of working it to create unique pieces
  • How to wisely choose the type of wood and develop its full potential to craft enchanting objects that everyone will love
  • Over 60 step-by-step projects to start the first steps in woodworking and decorate every room of your home

BOOK 3: Woodworking for Kids

  • A lovely guide to passing on the art of woodworking to the youngest and teaching them the values of handwork
  • Valuable tips to keep you safe while working and enjoy a safe and healthy work environment
  • A rich collection of simple, child-friendly projects to create wooden toys and bring them immense satisfaction

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