Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies!

Apple cider vinegar is probably one of the best things ever invented by humans! It cures or relieves so many things that it would take all day to list them all.

We actually started making our own apple cider vinegar last year. It is not that it is hard, but it takes up a lot of space! And time for it to work its magic. Suddenly you find there are containers everywhere in various stages of vinegar development. It expands from the kitchen to the living room. And then there is some added work involved to that that needs to be done nightly. Suddenly there are 20 containers everywhere – …………we finally gave up, as we just don’t have the time and space! But the health value is still there.

So this excites me! The benefits of apple cider vinegar – only without the icky taste and all the hassle of trying to make it on your kitchen floor! It comes in a gummie! And who doesn’t like gummies?!

It is gluten free and full of vitamins. Vegan and non GMO. And they say it tastes good – which is something that all the apple cider vinegar we made – definitely did not!

I am about to order some, and here is the link if you want some as well:

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