A Plant Based Diet?

I am not going to lie, I like meat! I like hamburgers, I like steaks, heck I like hot dogs! But as I get a little older, I have come to realize the value of vegetables (which had been the french fries in most of my meals).

Not too long ago I was doing some research about how best to lose and keep off some of the extra weight I had picked up. And I came across the world of plant based diets. My first thought was ICK! But as I read, the benefits seemed to outweigh the ICK factor.

Then I started looking through different cookbooks and thought I should at least give it a try. I bought this books a few months ago. And the recipes in here are actually quite delicious!

I have no plans to become a strict vegetarian, but I have expanded my diet to include a lot of the plant based meals. I try to get a good 50 / 50 mix going between meat and plant based meals. And I was really surprised at how much protein your body can absorb from plants. It also helps to keep the weight off, and I do feel a lot more energetic.

There are plenty of web-sights out there that will give you the complete scientific breakdown and the pros and cons. I am just here to suggest you give this book a try, as the recipes are very delicious!.

Besides the cookbook, this offer comes with a LOT of extras thrown in!

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