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Bebe Sale!

This sale is huge! They have 659 items listed! I can’t show them all – so I picked a few just to give you an idea! I love this brand and I love their clothes! Just click this link to shop and purchase! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!


These are so cool! And they are on sale! A huge sale! LUCIANO STYLE Eye-catching tinted crystal brings easy readability to Luciano’s skeletonized dial. Boasting a second-time zone at 9 o’clock and animated AM/PM subdial at 12 o’clock, the Luciano is breathtaking in both its functionality and design. Just click here to shop! https://www.kqzyfj.com/click-100394916-14059893 Don’tContinue reading “Stuhrling!”

Jessie James!

We have to face reality. Police forces are shrinking. A lot of reasons, pick the one you want. DA’s are letting offends go. Prisons and jails are letting offenders out early. Crime is on the rise across the country. The city I live in – you call the police – and they usually only showContinue reading “Jessie James!”

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